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Austria / Österreich / Autriche
  Name Ort Familie E-mail Bemerkungen
  Rudolf Kastler Pinsdorf Lasberg Kastlers Rudolf organizes a large Austrian Kastler reunion of 100+ every year.
  Gasthof Forellenwirt KastlerKastler Nissan RenaultHans Kastler
Reiseparadies Kastler Bus

Canada / Kanada
  Name Home Family E-mail Comments
  Dorothy Hudson Grande Cache,
Schwäbische Alb Kastlers Dorothy's grandfather Wilhelm Kastler emmigrated from Hermaringen, Germany to Alberta, Canada in the early 1900's. The rest of Wilhelm's family remains in Hermaringen today.

France / Frankreich
  Nom Ville Famille E-mail Commentaires
  Eric Kastler Le Perreux-sur-marne Wahlern Kastlers Eric provides the French translation on this website.
  Fondation Nationale Alfred KastlerLycée Alfred Kastler Guebwiller d Kastler Guebwiller
Pension Kastler
Pension Kastler

Germany / Deutschland / Allemagne
  Name Ort Familie E-mail Bemerkungen
  Ralf Kastler Sontheim an der Brenz Schwäbische Alb Kastlers Ralf is my 7th cousin. Ralf is the owner of nu-media, a multi-media company in Sontheim, Germany, which is the same area where our ancestors have lived for at least 600 years.
Bäckerei Kastler Niederstotzingen
Weingut Kastler & Wellhöfer
Schreinerei Kastler
nu media

Poland / Polen / Pologne
  Name Home Family E-mail Comments
  Grupa Kastler Poland

Slovakia / Slowakei / Slovaquie
  Name Home Family E-mail Comments
  Zdenko Kastler Bratislava Zdenko Kastler
Zdenko is looking for information regarding his great-great-grandfather Franz Kastler, who came from Linz, Austria in the 1800's.

United States / Amerika
  Name Home Family E-mail Comments
  Brent and Lisa Kastler Coon Rapids, Minnesota Wahlern Kastlers The owners of Kastler Art & Design.
  Curt Kastler Simi Valley, California Schwäbische Alb Kastlers The author of this website.
  Fred and Milli Kastler Streator, Illinois Wahlern Kastlers  
  Marilyn Kastler-Tyler Elyria, Lorain, Ohio Westhoffen Kastlers Marilyn has been researching brothers Joseph (b. 1855) and Jacques (b. 1847) Kastler, who came to McKeesport from France, supposedly sponsored by an uncle. They were the brothers of her great-grandfather Michael Kastler (b. 1845). Anyone having any information on this family is asked to contact her. More info to come!!
  Mary Jean Ciemiewicz Colorado Springs, Colorado Wahlern Kastlers Mary Jean's grandmother was Mary Kastler, daughter of Henry H. Kastler and Louise Marshall.
Kastler PhotographyKastler Art & Design