*Feb 1753 - †8 May 1819


a) According to legend he was born under the star Kokoiki (believed to beHalley's Comet).

United Hawaiian Islands in 1793. First ruler of kingdom.

As a young man of about twenty-five, he was present at Kealakekua whenCaptain Cook's ships anchored there. At the time, various kings hadattempted to unite the entire island chain under one command. Kamehameha proceeded to establish his rule of the entire island of Hawaii. With the Big Island, Hawaii, safely in his hand, he set out to conquerthe leeward islands, moving through Maui, Lanai and Molokai. To takeO'ahu, he built an immense fleet of canoes to transport his warriors.Theylanded in a two-pronged attack with half the fleet coming ashoreat Waialae and half at Waikiki. The united force drove Oahu's defenders into Nuuanu Valley. Trapped in the valley, the Oahuans were forced to surrender or be pushed over the steep Nuuanu Pali. The King of Kauai and Niihau acceptedKamehameha as his sovereign.

At this time, foreign ships arrived in increasing numbers, bringing domestic animals, trees, fruits and plants never before seen in Hawaii.They also brought diseases, alcohol and firearms. With little immunity to new diseases, the Hawaiians soon began to die in alarming numberswhile the destruction of their traditional way of life brought on amelancholy loss of the will to live. (found on www.hawaiian-roots website)

b) Pele'uli-I-Kekelaokalani is mother of: Maheha Kapulikoliko (*?), Kahoanoku Kinau (*?), Kaleikiliwehi (*?) and Kaikoolani (*?)

c) Kamahana is mother of: Pelioholani (*?) and Kuakini (*?)

d) Manuhaaipo is mother of: Kalaniulumoku (*?)

e) Neau is mother of: Peapea Makawalu (*?)

f) Kalola Pupuka-O-Honokawailani is mother of: Kalanikauiokikile (*?)

g) Kekauluohi is mother of: Kapapawai (*?)

h) Kalakua is mother of: Kamehameha Kekuaiwaokalani (*?), Kamehameha Kapuaiwa (*1801) and "Elizabeth" Kinau II Ka'ahumanu (*1807)

i) Kekukamano is mother of: Kalanihelemai'iluna Ali'i Paki (*1775)

j) Kanekapolei is mother of: Pauli Prince Ka'oleioku (*1777)

k) Keopuolani is mother of: Kalanikua Liholiho (*1797), Kapu'lauki (*1800), Kalani Kauikeaouli (*1813) and Harieta Nahi'ena'ena (*1815)

l) Kaheiheimalie is mother of: Kamamalu (*1802)

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