Credits :: Scheine :: Créditer

ICDSoft Website hosting. Best place around with low prices, great features, and support you can't beat.
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX This manages the entire website, and interfaces with the web server.
SWISHmax Allows me to create the Flash movies for the home page, header area, and the webcam.
Legacy Family Tree The software that manages the master genealogy database. Daub Ages (below) was used prior to this, and is good for smaller databases. The capabilities of Legacy are excellent.
Daub Ages This creates the family trees that are posted on the website.
PhpGedView The software that allows the online viewing of the genealogy database.
DAlbum Photo album management software.
PHP The programming language I used to create the birthday calendar, birth maps, newsletter subscription management, plus other miscellaneous functions like pre-processing the temperature log file uploaded from my house to the webserver for the Flash display on the webcam image.
Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Converts the family trees created with Daub Ages into Adobe PDF format.
Watchport/V USB The webcam, which sits outside a small building ("the love shack") in the back yard, and is plugged into an old Dell Inspiron 3500 laptop along with the DLP-TH1 sensor below.
DLP-TH1 The USB device I use to monitor the outside temperature and humidity at my house.
Webcam32 The software that captures the webcam images and uploads them to the webserver.
VisualCron Scheduling software that launches a DOS batch file containing an FTP upload command for sending my temperature data to the webserver every 10 minutes.
ThumbsPlus My image manager.