William V. Kastler visits with Professor Alfred Kastler

William V. Kastler was a corporate lawyer for Gulf Oil from 1956 until 1982. He continued consulting for Gulf and Chevron until 1987, when he then retired to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Like many Kastlers, Bill had an interest in genealogy long before we had the Internet, and the vast information available to us today.

These two documents are an account of the request for a meeting, and subsequent visit between William V. Kastler and Professor Alfred Kastler in October of 1973 in Los Angeles, California. The meeting took place on October 15th at the Century Plaza Hotel, while Professor Kastler was in town for a scientific symposium.

A letter dated October 13, 1973, from Bill to Alfred requesting a meeting.

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A letter dated October 25, 1973, from Bill to his father describing the visit with Professor Kastler.

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This is a copy of the glossy photo presented to Bill Kastler by Alfred (back and front).

"Alfred Kastler born May 3, 1902 in Guebwiller, Alsace.
Ancestors from Westhoffen, a village near Strasbourg. 10/16/73, Los Angeles