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KASTLER.NET was created in 2000 out of a desire to publish my own family's genealogy, which was in its infancy at that time. As I began to research my family, I found that the Kastler name was very rare in the world. Because of this, I was able to keep track of several family groups that seemed to be developing out of my research.

Since I started the website, I have located several close relatives. I located one cousin through random e-mails, and two others by sending letters out. My grandfather's cousin, Evelyn Kastler, provided the key information I needed to break the brick wall I was up against, and locate the town in Germany where my great grandfather Charles Kastler was born. From that point on I was able to begin the research into church records. I also started compiling e-mail addresses and physical mailing addresses from all over the world. A mass mailing to Kastlers living in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland yielded the beginnings of the website you see today.

I have devoted this website to all Kastlers and their relatives. 98% of everything I know about any Kastler is on this website (I'm always acquiring new information). If you have any information to contribute, have corrections, or just need assistance, please contact me at the e-mail address at the bottom of the page. Occasionally I come across something that I filed away, but forgot to add to the website. If you sent something to me but cannot find it, please feel free to contact me anytime.


I am a Schwäbische Alb Kastler. If you are related in any way to any of the following persons then we are close cousins: Jakob Kastler (born 1851, Sachsenhausen, Germany, died 1909 West New York, New Jersey), his wives Katherina Rosine Rathgeber (1853-1882) or Maria Barbara Rehberger (1855-?), or any of their children; Jakob Johann (John Jacob) (1875-1925), Jakob Friedrich (1877-?), Karl (Charles) (1878-1961), Wilhelm (William) (1880-?), Karl Hermann (Harry) (1882-1966), Johann Georg (George) (1882-1976), Anna Kastler-Muller (1885-1941), Otto (1888-1908), or Lina Kastler-Kopp (1890-1970).

Below are some of the more major highlights of my genealogy research. To see what I use to create this website you can view the credits page.

August 28, 2003 I received a package from genealogist Martin Kreder. It was no surprise to find out that the people that Ralf and I had spent so much time with in Germany at the Kastler meeting on August 9th all turned out to be my relatives. I found out that my family joined the Schwäbische Alb Kastlers with Johannes Kastler and Anna Bosch.
August 6-20, 2003 My father and I visited the ancestral homeland of our Kastler family in southern Germany. My cousin Ralf Kastler and I planned a Kastler "families" gathering, and from this I was able to meet over 75 of my relatives. Although I was sure I was related to all these Kastlers, it wasn't until a week after I returned that I learned exactly where my family plugged into the Schwäbische Alb Kastlers, thanks to the research by Martin Kreder of Heidenheim. We also visited the Lasberg Kastlers in Austria, and were able to attend their yearly family reunion in Gmunden, north-east of Salzburg. Thanks to Rudolf Kastler, who was our personal guide for the entire week we were there!
December 19, 2002 Jakob Robert Kastler was born at 4:09 pm. He weighed 6 lbs, 12 oz, and was 19 1/2 inches long. Jakob was named after his g-g-g-grandfather Jakob. He also has more ancestors named Jakob, as we are finding out.
November 26, 2002 Pfarrer (Lutheran minister) Siegfried Kastler made a trip to Hohenmemmingen to research my g-g-g-grandparents. He found Johannes and Anna's marriage, family, and parents. My g-g-g-g-grandparents were Jakob Kastler and Catherina Hörger, both of Sontheim an der Brenz, Württemberg, Germany.
October 30, 2002 With the help of Pfarrer Siegfried Kastler, a Lutheran minister in Wolfegg, Germany, I have found my great-great-grandparents Jakob and Katharina, and great-great-great-grandparents Johannes and Anna! Siegfried has become a great friend, and hopefully as research progresses, we are related (as of August, 2003, we are confirmed cousins).
October 9, 2002 Mailed 284 letters to Kastlers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I hope to not only spread the word about this website, but also locate information about my g-g-grandfather's family, and from that, find new family.
August 25, 2002 Added the coat of arms page (now in the photo gallery).
July 26, 2002 To reduce my electric bill, I relocated KASTLER.NET website out of my home office, and back onto my ISP. I will start the much needed re-working of the genealogy pages into a more research-friendly interface. I will also be organizing the photo albums to be attached to the respective Kastler families.
April 9, 2002 Located my grand-aunt, Evelyn Kastler through the U.S. Postal Service living in New Jersey.
April 7, 2002 Located my 2nd cousin, once removed, George Walter Kastler and his family through the U.S. Postal Service living in Pennsylvania.
April 10, 2001 Received an e-mail reply from Dr. Günter Kastler explaining his understanding of the roots and meaning of the Kastler surname. His comments are now included in the Surname Origin page.
Fall 2000 Located my 2nd cousin Wendie Kastler-McClain through e-mail living in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Oct 1995 Received a call from Dr. Andre C. Kastler, who was then working as a Chemist in the San Francisco area. Andre, a native of Barr, France, was looking for his relatives while working in the United States. It has come to pass that Andre is a member of the Westhoffen Kastlers.
1989 At age 25, wrote my first genealogy related letter to Sheridan "Kas" Kastler in Utah. Although he was not a near relative, his energetic response gave me the start I needed. Kas now belongs to the Scheiden Kastlers.